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Domestic carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Homes in Plymouth and Exmouth

Does your carpet need a stain removed or a deep clean? Call on the experts at Sparkling White Carpet Cleaning in Plymouth. We offer a safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service for homes in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets effectively means using the best cleaning process available to ensure that the carpet is left healthier and in a better condition than it was before. Different carpet fibres, weaves and textures require different cleaning methods to achieve this aim.

The most popular standard method is Hot Water Extraction (also known as steam carpet cleaning) and is used in 90% of domestic homes. 

However, there are other methods of carpet cleaning such as the encapsulation process. which involves, chemically suspending the ingrained dirt above the fibres and onto pads, then the dirt or soil is vacuumed out of the carpet, leaving the carpet clean, healthy and soil free.

This process gives rapid drying times and is widely used in commercial environments.

Carpet cleaned in home

By choosing Sparkling White Carpet Cleaning Ltd in Plymouth to take care of your carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning I will ensure that you are left with deep cleaned, sanitised, brighter, softer and rejuvenated carpets, ultimately looking and smelling fantastic! 

I use many different products to achieve such great results, one of the best portable carpet cleaning machines available on the market today, the Alltec Advance Triple Vac 600 psi, along with 3 other machines I have at my disposal to tackle the dirtiest of carpets. 

I use industry leading chemical formulas that clean deep down into the fibres.  These chemical formulas are the very latest and best products available in the UK. 

The products are rinsed from the carpet during the cleaning process, leaving behind an anti re-soiling film on the carpets. This creates an invisible barrier which deflects everyday dirt and bacteria away from the carpet fibres.

Rental and Home Carpet Cleaning Machines

You’ve heard your friends say things like “just rent one from the supermarket, or I’ve got one that you can borrow”. Off the shelf carpet “shampoos” paired with rental and home carpet cleaning machines are not a good combination.

These shampoos require lots of water in order for them to be rinsed from the carpets. The machines that are rented do not provide the required amount of power to clean deep to the base of the fibre, they can often leave your carpets with a residue and are also most likely wet for days. 

They do not offer a deep down thorough rinse of the carpet fibres nor cleaning to the required standard.  One bottle of cleaner does not fix every stain or mark, or indeed clean and soften the carpet fibres.

Carpet cleaning is much more complex than it might seem. Carpets that take too long to dry cause mould spores to rapidly form.

How We Achieve These Amazing Results


The first stage is to vacuum the carpet to extract all of the loose debris.


Next we pre-spray the carpet with cleaning chemicals to break down the dirt molecules, killing any bacteria, this also includes a pre-stain removal treatment.


We then agitate the carpet to enable the cleaning machine to get deep down into the carpet fibres.

Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction method is then used to wash out and extract the dirt from the carpet fibres.

Turbo Dry

If necessary, we could use our dri-pods or fans to speed up the drying process.


The carpet is then brushed to make the carpet piles stand up, leaving a good as new appearance.

Domestic carpet cleaning
Removing wine from a carpet
Carpet before and after cleaning
Carpet before and after cleaning treatment

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