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Commercial carpet cleaning

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Plymouth and Exmouth

Did you know, carpets and upholstery are what filters the air within your establishment? They trap pollutants, allergens, dead skin cells and all of the other contaminants we don’t see or think about. Just like any other filter, it needs emptying and cleaning to ensure it is working efficiently. This is where Sparkling White Carpet Cleaning can help.

Companies that have used our carpet and upholstery cleaning services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Businesses rely on the image that they portray to their customers and their staff.  Carpets and hard floors are an important factor when it comes to the image of a company. Whether it’s a Residential Care Home, a Cinema, Office, Hotel, Public House, all of these businesses rely on their image.  A clean environment for staff to work in and a clean floor or carpet for customers to admire is important.

Having owned Sparkling White Carpet Cleaning Ltd for the past 7 years I have personally overseen the cleaning of many square feet of floors and carpets.

I aim to liase with the site Manager or HR team to give them the most straightforward and hassle free method of carpet or floor cleaning possible.  I can work around their opening times, whether that means working through the night or around the working hours of the staff.  I can still achieve the aim of providing an exceptional service with as little disruption to the business as possible.

Office carpet cleaning

Depending on the type of carpet, the level of soiling and how soon you need the area back in to action I can use hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning, encapsulation cleaning or a mixture of both techniques to gain the required standard. 

Sparkling White Carpet Cleaning Ltd will leave your carpets not only looking more attractive for your clients and potential clients but they will be free from bacteria and smelling fantastic.  It is more important than ever in these current times both for hygiene and customer reassurance to have keep your premises spotlessly clean.

Regular maintenance cleans will also save the customer money over time because it will extend the life of your carpets and reduce the need to replace the carpets or floors.

Highly Trained and Experienced

When looking for a company to take care of your commercial cleaning needs, you need to know they are going to do a good job, but how will you know they will?

Commercial carpet and commercial upholstery cleaning is not as straight forward as some may think. There are many different fibres and also mixes of these fibres, different constructions, all stains and soiling are different. It is paramount that all these factors are identified prior to any cleaning and then the correct methods and cleaning agents used. This sounds a bit complicated? It is and requires in depth training and experience to do this correctly, a lot can go wrong if not!

Our cleaning specialists are highly trained in all areas of services we offer including commercial carpet cleaning, advance stain and odour removal and more. This training is regularly added to and updated as we believe this is crucial in executing the very best specialist cleaning service to our clients.

The main benefit for commercial organisations is that we are able to work outside of our usual working hours.

Cinemas have their seats and carpets cleaned between 2300-0630 (through the night), causing no disruption to their staff or customers.

We don't charge anything extra for working outside of our office hours.

We provide all of the necessary materials and equipment to give our customers the best possible standards in cleaning.

I personally liaise with each of the above organisations to ensure that key security and safety are of utmost importance.

Of course, trust is an important factor and all of our customers appreciate the fact that we can work unsupervised and they can rest assured that their business is in good hands.

Commercial carpet cleaned in cinema
Office carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning in office

If you are looking for a professional commercial carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets in your commercial property, then contact the experts in Plymouth today.